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1. Loading Unloading and Stevedoring

     Loading and unloading ships is skilled work that needs operating loading equipment, the proper techniques for lifting and stowing cargo, and correct handling of hazardous materials. Hence, we have experts supervising the loading, unloading and stevedoring operation which is done by SCHIP’s labor team in the proper speed, professionalism, accuracy and technicalities. Moreover, our specialist team prepares the cargo very well to suit its loading and shipping whether on ships or trucks. On the other hand, Our Company has all legal certificates to perform stevedoring in Beirut Port.

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2. Ship Chandlery

     We stress on our integrity dealing with the ship’s agents and owners. We provide ships with all kinds of food including vegetables, fruits, alcohol, cigarettes/ cigars from the finest quality with the best prices and on schedule to ensure comfort and peace of mind of our customer.

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3. All types of Transportation

  • Internal Transportation

    We offer transportation inside the port premises for all the containers and cargo from its place of discharge from the ship to the containers yard or corresponding zones using trellas back and forth using the latest equipments and the best drivers to ensure quality of service and precision.
  • External Transportation
    Moreover, we offer transportation for all the containers and cargo from the corresponding zones inside the port premises to all Lebanese territories using all size and types of transportation.
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4. Maintenance, cleaning, sterilization and reparation of containers

     Based on a contract between SCHIP and the any sea Agent, we provide maintenance and cleansing for all containers and reparation of any damaged one when needed. Moreover, in order to ensure public health we sterilize every container to guarantee that it carries no diseases our finest employees will put all their expertise and knowledge to provide the best quality and precision in a timely manner.

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5. Maintenance and reparation of port equipments and ships

     SCHIP with its best selected experts can assure repairing and maintaining all port equipments regardless of what it needs and this is inside Beirut port premises. Furthermore, we have the expertise to repair and maintain equipments, cranes, etc… available on board of the ship.